Vintage Indoor/Outdoor Retro Tins
Vintage Indoor/Outdoor Retro Tins
Spirit Planks

Vintage Indoor/Outdoor Retro Tins


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Kick off your fundraising effort with our Vintage Retro Tins!

Ok... so first things first. 
"Request Your Free Mockup!"

We want to make your free mock-up NO STRINGS ATTACHED. 

Why is that?  Because we know once we email your awesome mock-up, you will save it, remember it, print it out and show it to others!  And once that happens it's only a matter of time before someone at your school will utilize these amazing retro tins for a fundraiser.  :D

How to order your free mock-up!

  1. Provide your school colors and any text you want on the plank
  2. Copy/Paste a link to a quality image of your mascot (or email it to us)

That's it! You will checkout as if you're purchasing an item but you will see that your order total is always $0.00 and you DO NOT need to provide any credit card info. Please be sure to provide a correct email address, your name and your position (coach, teacher etc.).  And for the tin mock-up, make sure to include the school name, sport (if any), school address, mascot name and any relevant info you think we should know when making your mock-up..  

Here is a random sampling of things customers tell us when ordering their mockup:

  • "Our colors are black and gold but we really want to emphasize the black."
  • "Our colors are purple and gold but please make the gold dark, not bright gold."
  • "Can you remove the line of text that says FOOTBALL?  We're not fundraising a particular sport."
  • "Can you add a line of text that says "Whatever you need it to say."
  • "Can you change 'HOME OF'  to  'HOME OF THE' ?"
  • "On your 'TURNER' sample the THS is brown. Please make our school letters black."
  • "On your 'TURNER' sample you put 'Volleyball' in the tail.  Please leave the tail blank on ours."
  • "On your 'TURNER' sample, what's the numbers on the sides?"  answer: the school's est. date
  • "The 'WYANDOTTE' sample has a city/state at bottom. Please remove and make 'Marching Band' larger on ours."
  • "Please change [FOOTBALL] to [BASKETBALL]."
  • "Please change [Volleyball] to [Glee Club]."


Our vintage, retro tins allow you and your supporters to display school spirit year round while helping build much needed funds. Our tins are made from 12"x18", .40 gauge aluminum. They have a baked enamel finish on "both" sides. Even though we distress them with a weathered, rusty look, they are completely rust resistant so you can display them indoor 'and' outdoor.  Each retro tin is designed and imprinted with your custom school colors, mascot and text! The actual aluminum sign substrate is manufactured in Missouri and we design and imprint the personalized, retro tin in Blue Springs and Grain Valley, Missouri.  (100% Made in the USA)


• Free Mock-up!
Fully customized with your school colors/mascot/name/year/location/sport, activity or club
 Cool vintage/retro design
 Waterproof for indoor/outdoor display
 Extremely durable for years of usage
 Half of all proceeds support your fundraiser!


width: 12"
height: 18"
depth: .40 gauge
weight: 1 lb

material:  Aluminum
finish: Baked Enamel 
ink imprint: UV indoor/outdoor
distressed: Yes

indoor mounting: double-sided picture tape
outdoor mounting - small nail
cleaning - wipe with cloth (do not use cleaners)


Pre-Order: Choose a bundle qty and we will  make and ship to your door within one week. If you are an accredited, educational institution, we will accept purchase orders and allow up to 30 days for payment. Pre-ordering allows you to get a bunch of tins and sell them from your school store, sporting events and directly to supporters, 'on-the-spot'.  And that's kinda a big deal for achieving better results :)

Post-Order:  If you prefer to sell the traditional way via an order form, we will create the order form for you.  It will have a picture of the product and the pricing and text you wish to use.  Once you have collected all the orders, simply place your complete order online here.

NOTE: If you're going to use a PO for purchasing, please contact us first so we can validate.  thank you!