Senior Gift or Award 'Retro Tin'


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Give your Seniors a gift that will last a lifetime!

This personalized retro tin makes the perfect gift or award that will be loved and cherished forever. 

About this Retro Tin

Our retro tins are made from commercial aluminum sign material. They are .40 gauge solid aluminum made to look like rusty, retro tin signs.  You can hang these tins anywhere - indoor or outdoor, it doesn't matter.  Each tin is manufactured in Missouri and finished in Blue Springs and Grain Valley, Missouri. (100% Made in the USA)

Hanging the 'Tin'

We provide 3M command strips with each tin.  This is perfect for indoor hanging.  If you want to hang outdoor, simply drill a hole wherever you want on the tin and hang with a nail.  An old, rusty nail looks best :)

'Tin' Dimensions:
12" x 18" x .40 gauge thick

What We Do and How to Order

1. Upload a photo of your athlete or student  (see suggestions below)
2. Provide the their name, number or whatever you want the tin to say
3. We will send a mockup for your approval before actually making the tin

"That's it!"

We will process and have your products out the door within 5 business days :)

Photo Suggestions

Since we're creating a retro painting of your student, the background DOES NOT matter.  You can have your student put their uniform on and stand in a classroom, living room, yard or parking lot.  It literally doesn't matter.  They can make a competitive face and act like their kicking a soccer ball or making a block. or swinging a bat. If it's for debate or chess or drama, they can pose and dress however they want.  

The point is, typically when a coach or parent or school paper takes pictures of athletes or participants in any event, the student is far away.  The key is to get a nice clean shot of your student.  Does this mean we can't work with real action shots of your students?  Yes of course we can - we do it all the time. These suggestions are simply to let you know you do not have to have a real life action shot of your student. 

Feel free to forward any pic you have of the student and we'll let you know if it works.  Nine times out of ten, we'll make it look awesome!