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Pet Memorial Gift, Watercolor Oil Paint Pet Portrait From Photo | Pet Portrait, Dog Painting, Custom Dog Portrait, Watercolor Pet, Pet Gift

Pet Memorial Gift, Watercolor Oil Paint Pet Portrait From Photo | Pet Portrait, Dog Painting, Custom Dog Portrait, Watercolor Pet, Pet Gift

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You've landed on the rustic, vintage style of our dog portraits. We also make a bright watercolor version (see shop). Our beautifully customized pet portraits are a timeless wall art piece that can honor the loss of a loved one or be gifted to a current pet parent. It makes the perfect gift for her or gift for him. This custom dog portrait from your dog photo is a watercolor painting and oil painting mix. We make your custom dog painting as a portrait from a photo. It's the perfect dog lover gift.

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1. Select the size and product style you want

2. Send us a photo through Etsy message (click MESSAGE DOUG at bottom after you order)

3. If you want text - simply provide the text you want in the personalization box

4. We'll send a mock up to you within 1-3 days - Once approved, we'll make and ship :)


If you would like a 'Digital File' in high resolution, simply select and order the 'HIGH-RES DIGITAL FILE' option. I will send you a mock up and once to your liking, will send you the digital file that you can output any way you wish :)

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Our canvases are gallery wrapped with 1.25" solid wood. We provide the highest quality canvases for you and don't take any shortcuts, either in the materials or in the love and craftsmanship put into each and every canvas.

• The frame of the canvas gives it structure. We use only solid wood for canvases that will not bend, warp or distort overtime. We never settle for cheaper alternatives

• Each and every one of our canvases are hand stretched the traditional way. We never take the shortcut of gluing the canvas to another surface.

• We use high, archival quality inks, consistently color calibrate our monitors & printers and use the Adobe RGB color profile to ensure our art comes out perfectly, every time.

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Sawtooth Hanger installed on back


We work with your photo to correct the color, hue, saturation, contrast and then once optimized, we digitally create an oil painting of the subject. We then incorporate it into our handmade backgrounds. Once the oil and watercolor are integrated, We artistically add the fonts (if requested) and send you a mock up within 1-3 days.

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Please send us the highest quality photo file you can. If you send an image that is too low in resolution, We'll let you know before making your decor. Just keep in mind, the better the image, the better the final product. A good rule of thumb is most any pic taken by a smart phone is workable as long as it has not been optimized for texting. Texted photos can work a lot of the times but it's better to send me the picture straight from your phone "gallery". Also, if you're going to take a new photo specifically for this product, please check your phone settings and make sure you are saving the highest resolution image possible. A lot of times people have settings where their phone automatically optimizes photos to save space.

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• You can tell us if you want a vertical or horizontal picture or let me decide which works best with your photo.

• You can have us add any text you want. The name, date, poem or any saying - We will balance it and make it work.

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