9.5"x60" Personalized Family Name Vertical Distressed Wood Plank Rustic Farmhouse Decor P10A

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There are three sizes to choose from for this plank product.

Dining Room Plank Art

I'll completely personalize this plank with your photo, words, names, date and any other text you wish to add.  

Everything I use to create your product is made in the USA.

A lot of care is put into creating each custom piece. Your custom wall art will be hand-crafted and ready to ship within 4 business days from when we receive your order.  If we are experiencing a lighter than normal production flow, we may get it shipped sooner.



1. I contact you! I want to make sure to answer any questions or concerns you may have and offer our advice on the request you have sent.

2. I create your custom design with the 'your' colors, text and photo.

3. I send you a mockup! The mockup will look almost identical to your final product so if there are any changes you need, I will make them 'before' producing your actual product.

4. Your custom art is then fused into the wood using a treating, curing, heat process.

5. The board can be deeply scored with horizontal or vertical cuts, (your choice) creating a rustic, 'Modern Farmhouse' work of art. If you choose the variable plank width cuts, this will allow us to place them in the best areas and avoid cutting through any critical parts of the the art or photo.  NOTE: You can request "no plank cuts" if you want your piece to have a solid wood face.

6. We sand the side edges, front edge and back edge of your plank art.

7. We stain and paint the edges to match the face-stain you chose.

8. A keyhole slot is then routered on the top/back for easy wall hanging.

9. We seal your product with a flat laquer sealant to protect it for many years to come.


Finish Effects

Your custom piece will be tinted and stained with the 'Finish' option you choose: (see the sample stains, above).  All wood effects including distress, aging, subtle lighting, shadows and tint are individually customized to accommodate your photo and/or graphics. This creates uniquely different works of art so no two hangings will ever look alike. 

The Wood

We can fuse your art onto virtually any kind of wood but lighter grained wood is by far the best.  If you prefer a particular type of wood, we can certainly accommodate - just let us know.

The wood that we use most frequently is 1/2" thick premium birch plywood, manufactured by Columbia Forest Products.  We chose Columbia Forest Products for their forest planning, recycling efforts and most important, their commitment to refrain from adding formaldehyde (NAF) in the manufacturing process. * They are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as a responsibly harvested timber product, which means your purchase supports healthy, sustainable forests

 Forest Stewardship Council            HHI         AWI          US Green Building Council                


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**If you need to place a two day rush order - click the "contact button" on the right side of this page and let us know before purchasing. A nominal, extra fee will be applied.