Vintage Gathering Place Farmhouse Sign

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Vintage Gathering Place Farmhouse Sign


• Size 8"x24"

• Imprinted on commercial indoor/outdoor Substrate

• Infused with long-lasting, durable ultra violet ink

• Plank does not warp

• Sawtooth hanger installed on back for easy hanging

• No picture frame needed

• Free Shipping in the USA

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This product is made from Expanded PolyVinyl Board

Expanded PolyVinyl Board is used across a wide spectrum of commercial and residential applications. Eco-friendly and non-toxic Expanded PolyVinyl Board provides strength, durability, and flame and chemical resistance while offering exceptional, high resolution print capability.

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and is commonly used for outdoor applications, such as signage, because it is resistant to the damaging effects of rain, wind, and sunlight. Expanded PolyVinyl Board is also lighter weight than alternative home decor substrates like glass, wood, or metal.