Your Photo Personalized on a Beautiful, Custom Wall Hanging Sign

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We customize your plank by integrating a vintage finish into your full color photo.  We then add the personalized words you want (if any) and fuse it to wood.

Everything we use to create your product is made in the USA.

This makes a great gift for him or gift for her! No picture frame needed. I custom finish the edges of your photo in the look you want. My customers order these for family gifts, wedding gifts, memorial gifts and his and her gifts. This personalized gift is so unique and can be cherished and viewed forever. Thank you for your interest!!

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• Imprinted on commercial indoor/outdoor substrate

• Infused with long-lasting, durable ultra violet ink

• Plank does not warp

• Sawtooth hanger installed on back for easy hanging

• No picture frame needed

• Free Shipping in the USA

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1. Choose the photo on the size you want. (12x18 is our most popular)
2. If you want me to add text, provide the text you want in the personalization text area
3. Provide any notes or reference any of the samples I've provided - I'll send you a mock up proof before making :)
4. Upload your photo

Please send me the highest quality photo file you can. If you send an image that is too low in resolution, I will let you know before making your decor. Just keep in mind, the better the image, the better the final product. A good rule of thumb is most any pic taken by a smart phone is workable as long as it has not been optimized for texting. Texted photos can work a lot of the times but it's better to send me the picture straight from your phone "gallery". Also, if you're going to take a new photo specifically for this product, please check your phone settings and make sure you are saving the highest resolution image possible. A lot of times people have settings where their phone automatically optimizes photos to save space.


• You can tell me if you want a vertical or horizontal picture or let me decide which works best with your photo.

• You can have me add any text you want. The family name, date or any saying - I will balance it and make it work.

• I like using a script font for family and wedding planks. If you have another font you would like me to use, just let me know.

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This product is made from Expanded PolyVinyl Board

Expanded PolyVinyl Board is used across a wide spectrum of commercial and residential applications. Eco-friendly and non-toxic Expanded PolyVinyl Board provides strength, durability, and flame and chemical resistance while offering exceptional, high resolution print capability.

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and is commonly used for outdoor applications, such as signage, because it is resistant to the damaging effects of rain, wind, and sunlight. Expanded PolyVinyl Board is also lighter weight than alternative home decor substrates like glass, wood, or metal.