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Family Planks

Alien Movie Poster with Custom Cat Poster as a Space Cat Movie Poster making a Funny Pet Portrait on a Custom Movie Poster for Funny Gifts

Alien Movie Poster with Custom Cat Poster as a Space Cat Movie Poster making a Funny Pet Portrait on a Custom Movie Poster for Funny Gifts

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This Alien movie poster is personalized with your cat photo making a space cat movie poster and funny pet portrait printed on your custom movie poster or digitally emailed to you. This is perfect for a cat lover gift or funny gift for anyone.

• To match the ALIEN poster, we will remove the background of your cat photo and adjust the hue, saturation, contrast, lightness, darkness and overlay and add additional shadowing.

• You can have us change the tagline at the bottom of the poster

• You can order the actual print (we ship to you) or you can order the download only.


1. PRINT - Museum quality, 2400 dpi print on archival matte paper

(we print out from our fine art, Giclée printer)

2. DOWNLOAD - A digital file will be sent to your etsy registered email account

(download link will be in the email)

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• Archival, Museum Quality Paper printed from Giclee Printer

• Free Shipping in the USA

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1. Choose the size you want

2. If you want custom text, provide the text you want in the personalization text area

3. Choose between ordering an actual Print or Digital Download.

4. Simply checkout and send me your photo with the (MESSAGE SELLER) button under product name. The bottom of the popup message window has a little icon that you can click and upload your photo to us. Please send it in .JPG or .PNG format.


We send a preview design for your confirmation within two (2) business days. Please check your Etsy messages in this period. You will have 48 hours to approve the mock up in accordance with Etsy deadline rules.

If you do not reply to the mock up message within two days, we will begin production and shipping to meet the Etsy deadlines.


Please send us the highest quality photo file you can. If you send an image that is too low in resolution, We'll let you know before making your decor. Just keep in mind, the better the image, the better the final product. A good rule of thumb is most any pic taken by a smart phone is workable as long as it has not been optimized for texting. Texted photos can work a lot of the times but it's better to send me the picture straight from your phone "gallery". Also, if you're going to take a new photo specifically for this product, please check your phone settings and make sure you are saving the highest resolution image possible. A lot of times people have settings where their phone automatically optimizes photos to save space.

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If you have questions, simply email us at or use our 'Contact Page' - thank you!

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