FAQ - How it Works

What are our options on running a fundraiser with you?
We offer three different ways you can fundraise with us.

  1. We create a professional order form (with product images) that you can hand out to supporters at meetings and other events.

  2. We create an online page with your school plank products. You can alert your supporters via email and social media. The link to your store can also be provided on the order form.

  3. You can order a bundle of planks and sell them directly at your school store or events.

When do we receive the money, if we do the online fundraiser?
We pay out monthly on all ‘online orders’

Can we run the online store ordering year round?
Yes. In fact, you are able to create new planks throughout the year for different sports and events. We can also create additional online plank ordering pages to support different fundraising efforts.

How do they in-person flyer sales work regarding payment?
You simply take orders and payment from your supporters (cash, check cc). You deposit the funds in your account and pay us the wholesale cost of the planks when you order.

If we run a traditional fundraiser with order form flyers how do we pay you?
You can pay by check or credit card by going to your online ordering page and using the fundraiser coupon code.

Where do we send the check and to whom do we make the check payable?

You would make checks payable to:
Spirit Planks

and mail to:
2001 NW Jefferson St.
Blue Springs, MO 64015

What are my plank design options?
We might have already created a couple plank designs for your school but you are not locked into the pre-made designs we created.

We understand that every school has unique events, slogans, clubs and activities that may require a more personalized touch.  We are happy to customize the verbiage on your plank(s) to optimize your fundraising efforts!

Scroll down to view sample planks.

Am I able to have my own fundraiser page for my activity/sport/event?
Absolutely.  We can create a unique page and products specifically for your needs. All sales and fundraising dollars garnered from your personalized page are easily assigned to your unique campaign effort.

Below is a sampling of unique fundraising planks we've created for our customers.

Planks created for Olathe Northwest Cheerleader Fundraiser

Here is the unique page link to the Olathe Northwest Cheer Fundraising page:  https://designaplank.com/collections/onw-cheer

Plank created for Oak Park Band Fundraiser


Planks created for Rockhurst University Tennis Program